Shopathome: Free Kids Flip Flops!

On Shopathome today, you can get free girls and boys flip flops from the Disney Store. You need to first sign up for a shopathome account if you havent done so and you will see this deal as a “Today’s best deals” on the shopathome front page which will then take you to a page with details and a “buy now” sign. When you click on that, it will take you to the Disnay store website where you can complete your purchase.  The price of the flip flop is $3.39 with free shipping, and after you purchase it the $3.99 will be deposited into your shopathome account within 30 days making it free. (I promist its not as complicated as it sounds). Plus new members at Shopathome get an additional $5 deposited into their accounts. A check will be sent to your address when the shopathome account has $20. To learn more on the details of this process and about how to get cash back on your online purchases read this post that I had written some time back.

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