Ozeri Gravity Pro BPA-Free Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set Review

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.20.43 PMThe Ozeri Pepper and Salt Gravity Pro electric grinder, made of BPA free material is an useful addition to any kitchen. They come in a pair of black and white for pepper and salt respectively. The set requires 4 AA batteries that come with the package so you can start using it as soon as it arrives. The instructions guide you through a step by step process to install the batteries and fill the pepper pods or salt. If carefully followed, it takes hardly 10 minutes for the unit to be fully functional. I have been using it for a little more than a month now and have found it to be much more useful and easy to use than a manual grinder.

The grinder can easily be operated using one hand which is a very useful feature especially while cooking or marinating meat, you can season anything without having to wash hands first. The operation of the grinder if activated by gravity, or when inverted. The grinder is made of an eco- friendly ceramic material. It stops dispensing as soon as its upright and there have been no spills during the process. There is a ON -OFF switch at the base of the unit that can be easily pressed and turned off when not in use. The one feature I do not use is the top lid since it has to be fit in at a particular angle. I have had no problem leaving it open and using it without having to open n close the lid.

Another neat feature I like is the LED light on the top so you can see clearly how much you are adding. This feature was especially useful for me since the light that comes with the cooking range in my home had to be replaced and this little feature helped make sure I was not over seasoning the dishes.

I have reviewed many Ozeri products so far and the one thing I see in their products I have used  is the attention to detail and the long lasting performance of the products. The Gavity Pro Electric grinder by Ozeri has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to buy the product. They are available on amazon for $25.


I received the product for review in exchange for an honest review.

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