Fish Grill From Cave Tools- Review.

IMG_1179We have tried grilling fish very few times, especially the fillets or steak cuts because of the mess it makes on the grill. Tender fish usually breaks apart and most of it sticks to the grill or slips down through the gaps of the grill. We then tried baking them and would often be left with bits and pieces stuck on the foil.

The fish grill basket from Cave tools has made baking or grilling fish; even the most tender ones, a breeze. The grill I received is the small grill and it was big enough for a fillet or two of fish and cannot hold an entire fish. They also have a large fish grill on their website that would hold an entire fish.

The grill latches well without crushing the fish and is made to accommodate fish of varying thickness . We tried a thick piece of Salmon fillet. It might take a little practice to work on the latch but once latched it keeps the fish pretty intact. The fish cooked evenly and came out perfectly well.

Cleaning is simple. It fits in the dishwasher without occupying too much space. It also doesn’t leave fish residues on the grill that might give a fishy odor. The fish grill can also be used to grill vegetables any maybe other meat too. Its a great gift to add to your gift closet for Christmas!

It is available on Amazon and on the Cave Tools website. For a limited time, you can get 15% off your purchase with code FISH15.


I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

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