Cave Tools- Meat Rakes Review.

IMG_5157These pulled pork shredder rakes are a must have if you are into either slow cooking chunks of meat or baking them in the oven. The one reason I have been reviewing their products is the quality of the products. The steel and the handle for the rakes are so study that you feel very comfortable picking up a big heavy chunk from one pan to another.

IMG_5557We cooked some pulled pork and used the shredder rakes to shred the meat. Before I received these, I used to use large forks to shred them and it used to tear the meat pretty bad and required a lot of effort to get everything done. This has made slow cooking meat a delightful process.

The rakes also come in cushioned boxes that make them safe and easy to store. Every aspect of it has been carefully thought of and planned.

These are available to purchase on Amazon and also on the Cave Tools Website where you can get additional 15% off when you use the code MEATCLAW15.

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