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For those who are new to my site and are trying to figure out the whole couponing thing, my hope is that you will feel a lot more at ease after you read this. It just needs knowing what each store offers in terms of weekly deals.

To start with, its best if you Subscribe to Redsticksavings to keep up with the latest deals without missing out on them. In addition to following along my blog, you can also follow along on facebook and twitter. As you follow along and take the steps towards couponing you will be amazed at how much you can save.

Before I go on to explaining the different aspects of couponing, here are some simple things to remember when you shop that will help you save.

1. Making a list of things you need before heading to the store- that way you are not moving aimlessly in the store and buying everything that you see.

2. Checking for coupons and printing them before the shopping trip.

One way to do that is to go the the coupon database page on my website, type in the product name and see if there are any printable coupons. You will also find a coupon bar on the right hand side of any page on my website and can browse through the list of coupons available or visit my coupons page and enter your zipcode to see the coupons available for your area. A coupon binder that you can find in any office supply store will help keep all the coupons organized.

I also recommend buying the Sunday local newspaper. In Baton Rouge, the Advocate and Times Picayune are the ones that have the coupons. The Advocate has a weekly coupon book insert called the Smartsource and the sought after P&G coupon book insert that you will find every now and then. To know when you can find the next insert, you can check the P&G website. The Times Picayune has another coupon booket called the Redplum insert which has some coupons too. I prefer buying the Advocate from Walmart and the Times Picayune from Albertsons.

3. Needs vs Wants: I heard on the radio one day that you can never have saved money on things that you did not need anyway. So even if you see a great deal, if you dont need it then I recommend not buying. Couponing can backfire on you if you end up buying things just because you have a coupon. But on the other hand if its a product that you use often and its on a great sale I would recommend stocking up.

To get more comfortable with couponing there are few basic things you will need to know.

Where do I get my Coupons?

Will update more soon…